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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to Local . Architecture: Cincinnati

Welcome to Local . Architecture: Cincinnati. This site will act as a catalog of information concerning the less-documented architectural elements of Cincinnati, Ohio. The posts to follow will consist of historical information, as well as historical and current photographs. Much of the research will be particularly focused on buildings of historical significance that have (for a variety of reasons) fallen into disuse. The effects of time upon architecture, the lack of a human presence, the factors contributing to neglect, the danger of demolition, and ultimately the potential for renewal will be the topics explored through this research.

This site will attempt to link to all relevant information available on the web, for each building posted. Please do not hesitate to post or email any information or links that you have.

Currently, information, photos, and research are backlogged and will be posted soon for the following buildings:

Glencoe Place, Row houses located in Mt. Auburn
Crosley Building, (pictured above) former manufacturing and office building located in Camp Washington
Cincinnati Subway, tunnels and stations partially built and never utilized, stretching from downtown up Central Parkway to the vicinity of Hopple Street.

If there are any other buildings you'd like to see here, do not hesitate to comment below, or contact me via email with your suggestion.

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