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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Urban Exploration on TV

Mainstream media is abuzz with excitement about "urban explorers." After a great article by Quan Truong at the Cincinnati Enquirer, interest in this site, and the site of our good friend Gordon Bombay at Queen City Disco grew quite a bit. The AP picked up the story and newspapers like the Boston Herald, The Examiner, USA Today, and even the Dayton Daily News ran the story as well. Anyways, the hobby of taking pictures of old abandoned buildings was interesting enough that the gang at the Fox 19 Morning Show wanted to have a chat about exploring and the photography that goes with it.

So be sure to tune in to Fox 19 on Friday, January 29 at around 8:30am to see myself and Gordon Bombay try to not make fools of ourselves on live TV.

Thanks to Amie Dworecki for the photo of Venkman and Gordon, and thanks to someone in Detroit for leaving an old TV in their abandoned building.

What: Gordon Bombay and Venkman on the Fox 19 Morning Show
Channel: Fox 19 WXIX
Time: 8:30 A.M.
Date: 01/29/10

Also, remembed to check out the Photography of Local Architecture, as part of the exhibit "Forgotten Cincinnati," that takes place later in the evening on Friday, January 29, as part of Final Friday.


5chw4r7z said...

Got the DVR set!
Can't wait to see how you did.
Are you going by your pseudonyms on the show?

Venkman said...

We went on under real names, sadly. We debated using the pseudonyms and dressing in character as well, but ultimately decided against it!


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