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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Local Architecture Goes to New York

Despite my considering Cincinnati my life long home, I've been spending half of my life the past two or three years in New York at various internships as part of my undergrad, and now my graduate degree in architecture at the University of Cincinnati. Last week I moved back, and this time it's for quite awhile.. I'll be living in NYC until September. In other words, Local Architecture won't be quite so local for the next few months.

Work will carry on, though. There's abandoned buildings and things to climb here as well. Unfortunately, since I arrived five days ago it's rained about 6 inches, so I haven't been exploring much of anything. I did, however, get a chance to explore my roof. So I'll start out my tour de NYC with a few photos of the sun setting over Manhattan via my roof in Astoria in Queens (a lot of these are super hi-res, so click on them to get the full view):

Manhattan Skyline panorama
12,000 pixel wide Panorama of the sun setting over Manhattan. It will take awhile to download, but it's worth it. Click on the picture above to see the full-rez version (it's actually only about 1/3 of the actual photo, but I don't have the bandwidth to hand out a 30MB photo).

Manhattan skyline from Astoria
The view from the roof, still kind of cool despite the gentrified condo tower blocking a bit of it.

Manhattan skyline from Astoria
CitiGroup Center and Rockefeller Center as seen from my roof.

Manhattan skyline from Astoria
Wide angle shot, showing some of the neighborhood I live in, Astoria.

Manhattan skyline from Astoria
Astoria Queens in the foreground, Manhattan skyline in the background. I love this neighborhood; it's got just enough grunge to keep me happy.


misSy_eNna said...

nice shot! good job :)

Sophia said...

Fabulouso views & great shots. That would be so awesome to have that view. Enjoy it while there & thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

gorge shots!

chicagoandpointsnorth@gmail.com said...

Good Luck. I'll have to admit I'm a little envious! Best wishes.


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