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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Best Abandoned Building in Cincinnati

2007 and 2010, respectively, in the Crosley Building

There are a lot of abandoned places in Cincinnati. The abandoned subway is clearly the mother of them all, and despite being the most fun to explore (no matter how many times I do it), it's not quite my favorite. It's so tightly locked up and untouched by outsiders, that it's exactly the same every time I go. Over the past four years, I've checked out the Crosley Building even more often than the subway, (check here and here for other posts on Crosley).

Interior, Crosley Building

The last few times I've been to Crosley, it's emptied out quite a bit. It's been a mix of the owners cleaning out the junk, in perpetual preparation for something, and people undoubtedly swiping souvenirs. It's still different every time I visit though, be it new graffiti, more or less junk, or just shifting light conditions and quality.

Former 700 WLW Offices, Crosley Building

The photos here were taken over the past few months. I'm currently working on a thesis project, as part of my masters degree in architecture, and my focus is on abandoned spaces, with the Crosley Building being my specific example. I'll likely post more about that in future posts. As of now, I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos below!

The Courtyard Facade, Crosley Building

Abandoned Office Area

Warehouse Floor

Some Bigwig's Office

Sunset Behind the Crosley Building


Leigh said...

I'm always so intrigued by this building--I didn't even know what it was called or what its original purpose was. Thanks for the insight, and for the lovely photos.

Unknown said...

for your thesis, you might want to look into the thermodynamics of entropy production and how it relates to the decay process in both a macroscopic and microscopic way.

Julie Michelle Kelly said...

I'm a writer and I'm currently working on a book about the abandonment of Cincinnati buildings and ofcourse the subway. My husband and I have tried to get in several times to the Crosley Building with no luck. We haven't been able to get into the subway either. Any ideas for me on how to get into these places for my book?

Jordan said...

I was looking for abandoned buildings in Cincinnati, and I saw these pictures and realized I recognized them from your thesis project set up in the grand stair a few days ago lol


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