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Monday, October 28, 2013

Cincinnati - Then and Now (002)

This is the second post in a series comparing historic "street view" to current Google Street Views (visit the first here). There are thousands of photos available online thanks to the Ohio Digital Resource Commons.

Looking West from corner of Elm and Eighth


Looking west from the corner of Elm and Eighth, toward City Hall, September 19, 1930. I couldn't find much on old maps as to what the big dome across from City Hall was.


The approximate spot currently, as seen on Google Street View.

Looking East from 12th near Central Parkway

Looking East near the corner of 12th and Central Parkway, toward Washington Park, October 2, 1929.


A similar spot observed recently on Google Street View (albeit before the recent renovation of Washington Park was complete).

Looking South along Lock Street near Columbia Parkway

The archive has dozens of photos of the construction of the Fifth Street Viaduct that takes Columbia Parkway into downtown. Lock Street no longer exists, but in 1938 it ran parallel to Eggleston Avenue, and Columbia Parkway soared overhead.


Today, I-471 runs where the neighborhood at the base of Mt. Adams previously existed.

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